You won’t find another speaker that understands customer experience like Mike. He has helped brands like McDonald’s, Best Buy and Wingate Inns introduce innovations that won the hearts of customers and the favor of shareholders.

Mike speaks globally on a variety of topics to retail, service, tech, and B2B companies. He dives head-first into research, becoming a cultural scientist of sorts, discovering essential stories — the ones that resonate with customers. He doesn’t limit himself to traditional research — he goes behind the scenes, visiting stores, talking to customers, really getting his hands dirty, trying to get to the root of WHY customers are having the experience they are having. Then, he translates those stories into experiences that every consumer wants to have.

Speaking of research, every presentation Mike gives is completely custom-crafted with messages that will resonate with your audience. No canned topics here.

You can expect to see heads nodding in agreement as Mike draws the audience into participation with him building a foundation for alignment in thinking and motivation for action. The creativity inspired within the audience? It lasts and propels positive change.

Mike is skilled at adapting his expertise in customer experience design to line up with your objectives. With that goal in mind, any of the following topics can be crafted for your audience.

CX as a Business Strategy
Perfect for those looking for expert guidance and insight into creating a strategy that resonates with consumers. This interactive speech goes beyond studying the average consumer, it explains the thought process in creating innovative tactics that win the hearts of consumers.
Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech
Participants will leave this jam-packed presentation with energy, focus, excitement, and examples. The kind they can use to ignite conversations that lead to internal alignment and positive change. Video examples are customized for each industry or client.
How to ‘Apple-ize’ your Business
In this entertaining discussion, you will learn how to deconstruct Apple’s customer service experience and apply it to your own industry. Apple is at the front-line of innovation, changing how entire industries work. Get an in-depth perspective on how to create valuable foundation principles that you can apply to your own business plan.
Anticipation: Knowing Sooner Means Serving Better at a Lower Cost
Wish that your organization had a “magic ball” that could predict the future? Since there’s no magic ball that we know of, Mike has created simple principles that help you anticipate and predict what your customers want. Being proactive and knowing sooner can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. In this presentation, Mike uses vivid stories and dynamic examples to show you how to enhance your customer’s experience without breaking the bank.
Store of the Future
In this lively keynote speech, retail leaders and managers will learn how to create an innovative business plan that sets their stores apart from the rest. Mike explains how to adapt your brands, engage employees and improve the bottom line and win the loyalty of new customers, WITHOUT having to pay for it!
Journey Mapping
Considered the foundation of customer experience, journey mapping can be used to map the current and future states of customer-focused businesses. Mike takes this common technique to the next level by including a complete overview, guidelines, lively examples and custom-tailored resources for your industry’s next event.
Lower Right Quadrant: Creating Higher Value at Lower Cost
Most business people focus on the top-right quadrant where cost and value are at their highest. However, most customers want the businesses that serve them, even luxury brands, to be in the lower-right quadrant, where value remains high yet costs are at their lowest. In this engaging presentation, your team will learn the importance of changing the business to better meet customers’ expectations with an emphasis on low risk and low cost to the bottom line.

All speech topics can be presented as keynote, half-day or full-day workshops. Contact Mike to start creating the perfect interactive experience for your group today!

And remember how we said Mike understands the multicultural human condition? Just listen to what Anne Lisbeth Raahøj of the Danish Post Office said about his work:

“We were absolutely thrilled with Mike Wittenstein’s performance at our e-commerce conferences this year. Customer Experience is relevant for all of our clients and Mike gave them new, practical knowledge to use at their work.Inside of Mike’s stories are point-by-point breakdowns of how to do it which our clients loved. Mike truly inspired our audiences and shared practical tools to implement the ideas he shared — just as needed.

Mike is a great storyteller. We were amazed by his ability to capture a relatively shy and quiet Danish audience and excite them to use the learnings at work. Off stage, we were impressed by his service, sincerity and thoroughness, which made our co-operation run smoothly.”

That’s just one of Mike’s many happy clients. We think you’ll be his next. Read around for some testimonials from more happy companies from around the world, or check out Mike’s select client list.

IMG_0266Meet Mike Wittenstein, CSP, CMC, CCXP, DTM, MBA. He doesn’t just speak fluently in several languages about creating customer experience; he helps you live it from your customer’s and employee’s perspectives. Then, he shows you how to improve it. He understands customers and helps businesses around the world better understand them. His approach goes beyond studying the average customer or organizational culture, he dives deep into research and won’t stop until he cracks the cultural code. He gets the multicultural human condition, like the time he worked for the Danish Post Office, but we’ll get to his experience with them later…

Mike is “a designer who can’t draw.” He’s a customer experience (CX) pioneer  with several start-ups and consulting practices under his belt, a client roster of 400+ companies in 25 countries, who claim $1.5B+ in additional value from their work with him. Currently, Mike is the founder and managing principal at Storyminers in Atlanta, GA. He and his team help retail and service firm leadership teams improve their customer experiences with a unique combination of experience, service, and business design.

He’s a family man, speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, and squeezes in furniture design/build projects on the weekends. When he’s not building furniture, you can find Mike building new ideas, like these:


An agency that creates tools and services to help envision experiences — and make them real


A service that brings customer experiences to life — on stage


A way for executive teams to align their strategy efforts

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