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Customer Experience Design


Check out the just-released (September 4, 2012) It’s an amazing tool for CX leaders who need to put together the whole customer experience picture. Touchpoint Dashboard uses a grid to display an unlimited number of touch points organized in meaningful groups (rows and columns).



Inside each touchpoint, you can capture an unlimited amount of information. Even pictures, videos, notes, and social commentary as your customer experience project moves from idea to design to implementation.

touchpoint 02


More, each department working on the design–or the implementation—can attach their work to the proper touchpoint. Even better, with a click, you can rearrange all the touchpoints and supporting information to suit the needs of any team member.

For example, you can see what’s lowest-cost-and-higest-return, or see all the mobile touchpoints, or see all the touchpoints that the front desk (hotel example) are involved with. Very powerful and very visual tool!


In a nutshell, Touchpoint Dashboard moves you from cluttered, messy, and hard-to-manage…

touchpoint 03


To organized, detailed, and easy-to-manage.

touchpoint 04


It’s a great time to be an experience designer. Touchpoint Dashboard makes it even better!

Read more about this product release at the company’s website.