Smaller Companies Can Benefit From Experience Design Too!

Employee Experience

Nick Sarillo was a carpenter–until he decided to open Pizza restaurant in Chicago. In the pizza business, Chicago is the easiest place to open a pizza restaurant–and the easiest place to go out of business! Undaunted by others’ histories, Nick started with a different way of doing business. He started by instilling a sense of culture and values in day-to-day operations. Everyone from the waiters to the managers gets the tools they need to run their part of the operation successfully. They also get access to real-time metrics that show their individual impact on the business. As a result, turnover at Nick’s Pizza and Pub is under 20% (the industry average is about 125%/year).

Nick’s new book “A Slice of the Pie” isn’t about customer experience design per se, but it is about company culture, rules of the road, incentives, communications, good leadership, and is filled with stories you can draw from to make changes in your own business. I’ve just started to check it out myself and encourage you to do the same.

Here’s the Amazon link if you’d like to purchase a copy (hardcover or Kindle).

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