Thank You's are 'Best Practice' at Stimmt

Customer Experience

In addition to doing some great customer experience design work, my friends at Zurich-based stimmt really practice what they preach. Each member of the team is given colored cards (Passion (red), Opportunity (purple), Quality (blue), Knowledge (green), Effectiveness (aqua), and Esteem (orange)) which they write notes on and share with their colleagues to show appreciation for what they do–or for how they do it!

Stimmt's Thank You Card

Once written–and read–the cards are strung with others of the same topic throughout the office so that everyone can see how great the team is. From a first-time visitor’s perspective in their office, it made a powerfully positive impression on me by letting me know that these are not only talented designers and researchers, the Stimmt team is also comprised of caring human beings.

It only takes a minute to recognize a colleague–or a client–and to make a positive and lasting effect on their day.