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A Keynote Speaker Who Listens

Strategy. Experiences. Story.

Mike Wittenstein, CSP, CMC, CCXP, MBA

CSPI Keynote, Atlanta

Customer Experience Design


Customer 360 Symposium, Sydney

Customer Experience Strategy


AECOC Keynote, Madrid



Shepard Expositions' Sandbox Live, Atlanta

CX for Trade Shows


Thinking Heads, Pre-Event Trailer

On Customer Experience


Thinking Heads, Pre-Event Trailer

The Value of Anticipation


Before I Speak...

...I LIke To Listen

When possible, I get to know my clients and their customers. How? Through interviews, mystery shops, or pre-event chats with attendees. It all adds up to coming across as an insider to the audience, so that the messages are trusted--and acted upon.

It's A Conversation

Nobody likes to be told. Everyone likes to discover. I keep that in mind when crafting each presentation (they are all customized to clients' needs). When people discover that the ideas I'm sharing aren't that different from how they already think, resistance goes down and the willingness to adopt rises.

Stories Matter

Stories are powerful. They teach, motivate, inspire, and can trigger game-changing ideas that add value. I've studied the power of story my entire professional life and called my latest firm StoryMiners to emphasize that. I craft stories as experiences--so that audiences connect quickly and make the materials their own. 

Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars

The World's Best Experiences

Introduces key customer experience (CX) topics for the audience using brands they know personally and professionally. Goes behind the scenes to reveal  how good experience happen on purpose.


Details the advantages of knowing what customers want sooner with many examples and tools. Explains how AI, machine learning, and VR/AR help. Emphasizes the need for human touch.

Store Of The Future

This isn't just for retailers. Through the lens of retail, the audience will learn about customer-centricity, design thinking, and how to use tech to enhance the human experience, not replace it. 

Apple-ize Your Business

For any business, this presentation demystifies the Apple mystique. Participants learn the principles that made Apple's experience one of the best.

Intelligent Experiences

Finding the right combination of tools and customer service rules--without frustrating customers--is the key. The presentation shows how.

Story As Strategy

In quickly changing times, starting with story (the ones your customers want to share about you) creates alignment and saves money.

"I provoke my audiences to think differently,

see things differently, and approach things differently--

on the day of the event, and when they're back at work,

and for years to come!


Journey Maps

Delivered by the keynote speaker himself, these workshops can be half-day introductions or full-day practicums. Participants learn what journey maps are, how to build them, and how to use them. Examples based on each company's needs and interests. Excellent add-on to keynotes. 

Undercover Customer

 Full-day field excursion to capture and discuss information from the front lines of your business--and your competitors' locations.

Experience 2025

 Full-day immersive exercise to imagine the future of your brand or business, then discover what to change today to get results. 

Works for leaders and front line participants.

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