Speaker. Consultant. Designer. Coach. Author. Dad. Woodworker. Traveler.

Digging Deeper

Unique Style

As a speaker and customer experience expert who listens, I never need to shout from the stage. As an experience designer, I know people aren't there for me. Participants want an experience--one that will inform, entertain, and enlighten them. I know how to tell stories that reel people in and get them thinking about the problems they face every day. I speak so that they feel they are in the role of 'hero in their own journey'. This is the best way I know for people to make game-changing discoveries right from their chairs--right now.


First business at 13.

Started 5 category-leading consultancies including GALILEO (digital agency), SupportWare (early PC training company), and StoryMiners (CX design consultancy). Commercialized service prototyping and experience design methodologies. Operates 2 service brands (StoryMiners and CX Coaches).


Businesses are in business to create value for their customers. Organizational Agility is one of the most valuable organizational capabilities. Story and Experience are two sides of the same coin. For every hour you spend on strategy, you need to spend two hours on communications and implementation to get results. If you know what your customers want sooner, you can offer a better experience at lower cost. The highest and best use of Artificial and Machine Learning are  to support human service interactions, not replace them.  Give before you get. 

You get to pick who you hang out with and what you learn--the rest just happens.



BA University of Florida

2 years international studies (Brazil, USSR)

English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian

Six Sigma Green Belt


500+ clients, 6 continents, 26 countries, $1.6+ billion in value created, 35k hours of experience, 500+ presentations and workshops.

eVisionary for IBM Global Services.

Store of the Future consultant for Transitions, McDonald's, Best Buy, Wingate Inns, and B&N.

Lecturer at IBM's Institute for Advanced Business Studies, Georgia Tech, SCAD, and GSU. 

Board facilitator and advisor.

It's Not All Work

I enjoy: hanging out with friends, travel, woodworking, mentoring, movies, design of all kinds, learning about different cultures, being in new places with new people, hiking, and playing with my own and others' new ideas!



About 500 people are designated CMC Consultants.

About 1,500 people are designated CSP Speakers.

About 500 people are designated CCXP Designers.

Only one person in the world has earned all three designations

That’s right. It’s Mike.

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